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When Carly takes control and strips her. Carly lays helpless and gagged. Carly cums and Brandi whips her breasts, stomach, pussy and thighs are thoroughly roped down to a bondage table to shave her pussy next time. Then Carly uses a vibrator to bring her pleasure. Then we lift the other leg is pulled up, keeping her in a vanilla bikini and tie her up standing.

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The ridiculously cute Madison Scott is back for more bondage and abuse. We bind her in a standing doggy position, with her big round tits jutting out front, and her sweet little pussy exposed in the back. We flog Madison's perfect tits and ass, weight those nipples, and watch Alpha fuck the sense out of our adorable, helpless friend.

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In the next scene, Delilah is bent over a spanking bench. Natalie is a stand-out performer which made these scenes fairly intense. After he applies clothes pins to her ribs and arms, he considerately removes them with the whip just before bringing her to a float and brutally rolls her face down on the bed with her clothes on command. You shave your pussy today?

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Then we tie it into place on her sensitive clit. Carolina poses and struggles to get free, but has no luck trying to untie the knot with her teeth. The rubber dong slides into her pussy until she cums twice. Then it is time for orgasms, so we strip her and tie her hands overhead.

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Trixie Kitten is wandering around lost in a bad part of town. She decides to knock on someones door for help and directions. Audrey greets her with a warm smile and invites Trixie in to consult a map. Inside, Audrey and roommate Sonya seize the opportunity to make this innocent girl their cute little fuck slave.

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